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Villagepump 500 The leading solution for rural areas without the need of an external energy source!

Each Villagepump employs multi-stage filtering that reduce diseases by removing waterborne pathogens that can cause diarrhea, dysentery, cholera and hepatitis. Production rates are over 4 m3 per day, all of the qualities that meets WHO standards.

Multiple applications

As the name implies, it can be implemented in or near villages, but is especially effective in combination with:

  • Health care centers
  • Educational centers
  • (Deep) wells
  • Water Kiosks or comparable business ideas

Truly innovative

  • 500 liters of pure, clean and cool drinking water per hour
  • WHO standard water quality achieved
  • No external power source
  • Ideal for small communities of up to 500 people where fresh surface water is available
  • Completely mechanical, self-cleaning (automatic backwash) and mobile
  • Modular design with minimal maintenance needs or costs

Impressive performance

  • Virus, bacteria and cyst removal
  • Active carbon filter restores odor and taste (Optional)
  • One VILLAGEPUMP 500 has capacity of at least 500 l/hour or approximately 4 m3 per day
  • Long service life thanks to automatic backwash and built-in chlorine dispenser
  • Regular service required only once every year

Product Description