• smartuf-5040-bg

Technical specification sUF-5040
Maximum pressure 600 kPa
Normal operating pressure 200 kPa
pH range 2 – 10
Maximum allowable free chlorine short term 5 mg/L
long term 300 mg/L
Operating mode dead-end, up flow
Operating temperature <40 ˚C
Membrane material hollow fiber 1.0 mm PAN
Membrane area 2x 6.25 m2
Flow @ 100 kPa TMP / 25 ˚C
– clean water
– piped water
42 L/min
13.5 L/min
Dimensions (LxHxW) 1660 x 300 x 250 mm
Weight 29 kg
Electrical connections 100-240V~50/60Hz –
6V= / 3 W

Product Description

SmartUF, Ultrafiltration System

The proposed systems, designated as smartUF-4014, -5024 and-5040 are identical in construction except for the size of installed UF membrane area. They are meant to purify available fresh water to WHO* standards or better. Excessive levels of solids, but also TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) such as Chlorides, Nitrates, SO4, Arsenic, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, and Pesticides etc. may be removed by additional treatment steps, depending on their level and nature.

Pumps for feed-water may be selected according to local conditions and customers’ requirements and can be supplied by us or purchased locally to our specifications.  For surface waters a pre-filter needs to be installed as per our instructions.

In case feed-water is available in gravity feed with sufficient static head, such as in mountainous areas, the feed pump may be eliminated and replaced by pressure-regulator.

Following the philosophy that our systems must work with minimum maintenance and basic knowledge of operators, the proposed equipment has fully automatic, micro-processor controlled operation and backwashing, warranting constant high flow and low down-times. The smartly designed backwash process eliminates the need for backwash-pump and tank, yet warrants the water used for backwashing to be clean and bacteria-free.